Four states of ignition switch and correct operation method

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                              The four states of the ignition switch and the correct operation method. After the car is locked, the key will be in the LOCK state. At this time, the key door will not only lock the direction, but also cut off the power of the whole car. The ACC state is to turn on the power of some electrical equipment of the car, such as CD, air conditioner, etc. The key is in the ON state during normal driving, and all circuits in the whole vehicle are in working state at this time. The START gear is the engine start gear, which will automatically return to the normal state after starting, which is the ON gear. Each of these four gears is progressive. The purpose is to let the electrical equipment enter the working state one by one, which can also relieve the burden of the car battery caused by the instantaneous power-on. If you do not stay in other gears when you start the car, and you enter the START state directly from LOCK, the load on the battery will be increased instantly. At the same time, because the electrical equipment has not fully entered the working state, it is difficult for the computer to command the engine to start normally. This operation is very detrimental to the battery and the engine. Frequent such operations will shorten the service life of the battery, cause difficulty in starting the engine, and promote the generation of coke! Correct method: After inserting the key into the ignition switch, stay in each gear for about 1,2 seconds. At this time, you should be able to hear the sound of electrical equipment at all levels, and then enter the next gear!



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